Good afternoon friends!

I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving with your family! I love this time of year, for a few reasons. You get to spend it with your loved ones, be thankful, eat good food and then as soon as you know it, Christmas rolls around. You have the tree up, the Christmas lights, you gain 20 pounds from all the crap  you eat. Crazy! I did not keto yesterday and to be honest I haven’t been strict with myself the last week. I have felt so tired and after I ate like crap, every- time literally it was a reminder why I choose to eat healthy. You feel better, energetic and look better. One other thing I noticed is, I have been breaking out like crazy. I usually never get acne but I have been. I feel like it could be from keto but also from my poor food choices. I believe that acne can get worse from eating poorly but there is some talk about acne breakouts when you start doing keto. Maybe this is due to all the carbs you’re burning so they’re coming out in acne form too! (joke) As I mentioned in my other posts, I think. I am all about goals. I’d like to share three goals with you that I want to accomplish eventually. So I never put a time frame on my goals, it depends what they are. But for these specific goals I’m going to share, it takes time. Baby steps you can say.

  1. Lose 10-12 pounds of Fat and gain some muscle. 
  2. Convert and be consistent in keto/paleo cooking. 
  3. Commit to working out at least 3 times a week and 30 or more minutes of exercise.

I feel these are pretty do-able and I’m going to commit. I need you guys to hold me accountable though!

What are your goals? And NO, please don’t wait until the new year to make them. (laugh)

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