Product Review. Apple Watch vs. Fitbit

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Review the link above. I don't know where you are in your fitness journey. You may just be starting out with a goal to loose weight or maybe you want to take your health and fitness goals to another level. Whatever that is, I HIGHLY recommend you invest in an apple watch. I have had mine for couple years now and seriously, worth the investment! Not only can you change the band for the watch but you can receive text messages and phone calls. So, that's awesome but what I am really going crazy about is the different functions you have for the fitness part of it. You are able to track and monitor your pulse. You set a personal goal for how many calories you want to burn for the day, a stand goal and exercise. I don't need to worry about tracking anything, it is done for you. All your job is, put the watch on, do the work as far what you need to do to meet your goals and the tracking part of it is completed. It is synced with your iPhone so you're able to view everything that way as well. But if you aren't an Apple user or a fan...well then I suggest you look into the Fitbit. I have one of these as well and it works great. It is meant more for the fitness aspect and does not have the fancy functions like the apple watch. Follow the link below to shop Fitbits. The Fitbit is also synced with your phone. When deciding between the two, price point is huge. Apple watch is a lot more expensive than the Fitbit. The Fitbit also tracks your sleep pattern which is important as well. Have fun shopping! I hope my review was somewhat helpful.

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