Let’s End the Confusion About Food!

Good Morning lovely people!

Check out my latest video on YouTube. It’s a bit long, brace yourself. I had to get this one out of the way because it’s important to me so I made some key points.

We all want to lead, well let’s just say most of us want to lead Healthy and Happy lives. But what is the deal? I mean you start a workout routine and say to yourself I will not eat xyz. But you fail over and over. Well, that’s just another post in itself. But point being is there are obstacles we are faced with when it comes to knowing what to eat. Media doesn’t help us with that either. It just makes it more confusing!

What to take away from my video?

  • Eat whole foods
  • Stay awy from processed foods
  • Educate yourself
  • Take care of your body, its your temple!


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  1. Hi Amanda, nice video – great job! I too believe that food can heal you and that everyone should care about what they put in their body. It’s too easy to eat candy, which is the worst thing for a body and worse, it’s addicting. Thank you for helping get the word out! 🙂 Again, great job!

    1. Thank you Joan! It’s so important to at least be educated about this kind of stuff. Look how common breast cancer has become… strong believer it’s happening due to what we are eating. Not always and not for everyone but just an observation.

      1. Good observation, I think you are right – we eat too many processed foods with additives… 🙂 Again, great job – keep up the good work!

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