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Good Evening!

I started reading this book called “What the heck should I eat?” By Dr. Mark Hyman.

I’m not even half way through but I can say that there are some eye opening things in there as well as some research that I have heard about. But I think now a day with media, people trying to sell you stuff and all these “diets” that are the next big thing is ridiculous. That is why I have decided to educate myself with legit facts and then I can decide what I want to eat. Will it be organic? What does that even mean? Does it even exist anymore? Pasturized eggs vs not? I mean the list goes on. I will never tell someone how to eat because at the end of the day we are different. Different things work for each individual. It takes experimenting and that is what I am doing. I encourage you to educate yourself and not follow what media or someone else tells you. Look at the scientific proof and read material that isn’t biased but RAW! When you are deciding how you want to eat to stay healthy, if you care (ha) then you’ll need to know how much protein, carbs and fat will work with your body.

Stay tuned and Ill post some things from the book the more I learn.

Have a great Friday




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