Quick At Home Workout

Hey y’all

Quick high intensity interval training (HIIT) workout at home. You may repeat these movements x3 circuits, taking no more than a minute to rest. This will get your heart pumping and let the toning begin.

I used resistance bands a lot in this workout. They are small movements but do work. You can get them at amazon. Refer to the link below for the ones I got.






Book Review

Good Evening!

I started reading this book called “What the heck should I eat?” By Dr. Mark Hyman.

I’m not even half way through but I can say that there are some eye opening things in there as well as some research that I have heard about. But I think now a day with media, people trying to sell you stuff and all these “diets” that are the next big thing is ridiculous. That is why I have decided to educate myself with legit facts and then I can decide what I want to eat. Will it be organic? What does that even mean? Does it even exist anymore? Pasturized eggs vs not? I mean the list goes on. I will never tell someone how to eat because at the end of the day we are different. Different things work for each individual. It takes experimenting and that is what I am doing. I encourage you to educate yourself and not follow what media or someone else tells you. Look at the scientific proof and read material that isn’t biased but RAW! When you are deciding how you want to eat to stay healthy, if you care (ha) then you’ll need to know how much protein, carbs and fat will work with your body.

Stay tuned and Ill post some things from the book the more I learn.

Have a great Friday




It’s been a while


It’s been a while since I’ve posted to my site. I’ve been so busy with family life, work life and exciting new opportunities. I want to challenge you to set some goals for yourself. Goals for the Month of March. I think long term goals are great but there is to much going on in our life to continue to be motivated for those long term goals- depending on what they are. So I challenge you again- to challenge yourself..HA! These goals can be anything. I want to share mine with you:

  1. Continue with my health journey by educating myself daily on workouts and nutrition.
  2. Learn to listen to my body and not to push myself to hard. Along with this also goes, don’t be so hard on myself when I feel like I have “failed”
  3. Have a positive mindset in all that I do because this sets the tone for success!

Stay tuned on my page. I will be switching from more of cooking type posts to fitness and quick sneak peeks of my workouts, tips/tricks, getting personal with my fit journey and nutrition and more. If you have any suggestions or comments. Write em’ below.


Be blessed friends!



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Good afternoon friends!

I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving with your family! I love this time of year, for a few reasons. You get to spend it with your loved ones, be thankful, eat good food and then as soon as you know it, Christmas rolls around. You have the tree up, the Christmas lights, you gain 20 pounds from all the crap  you eat. Crazy! I did not keto yesterday and to be honest I haven’t been strict with myself the last week. I have felt so tired and after I ate like crap, every- time literally it was a reminder why I choose to eat healthy. You feel better, energetic and look better. One other thing I noticed is, I have been breaking out like crazy. I usually never get acne but I have been. I feel like it could be from keto but also from my poor food choices. I believe that acne can get worse from eating poorly but there is some talk about acne breakouts when you start doing keto. Maybe this is due to all the carbs you’re burning so they’re coming out in acne form too! (joke) As I mentioned in my other posts, I think. I am all about goals. I’d like to share three goals with you that I want to accomplish eventually. So I never put a time frame on my goals, it depends what they are. But for these specific goals I’m going to share, it takes time. Baby steps you can say.

  1. Lose 10-12 pounds of Fat and gain some muscle. 
  2. Convert and be consistent in keto/paleo cooking. 
  3. Commit to working out at least 3 times a week and 30 or more minutes of exercise.

I feel these are pretty do-able and I’m going to commit. I need you guys to hold me accountable though!

What are your goals? And NO, please don’t wait until the new year to make them. (laugh)

I cheated today.


So let’s just say I cheated today……..on keto. It was terrible. I have been doing so well living my keto way but there are times when sweets and carbs call your name! I think having a cheat meal here and there is fine. You do need to live a little and you won’t gain five pounds from having a cheat meal. Throughout my keto journey, I’ve had many cheat days and still lost about seven pounds. By the way, I barely exercised with the weight loss. It just goes to show you the impact that a low-carb and high fat diet can do for you. Since I have been doing keto, not only have I lost weight but:

  • I feel energetic
  • Clear- minded
  • No “‘carb” crashes
  • Stomach upset resolved

That’s just what I can think of at the moment. I will share more in upcoming blogs as well as my keto go to foods and recipes. I’ve discovered some great ones and low carb which is key. So to wrap this up, I had some unnecessary carbs today and boy did my gut feel it as well as my decrease in energy. It was so sudden too. Kind of freaked me out! I understood what was happening though, so it was another reminder why I do this whole keto thing. I see it as a way of life instead of a “diet”. I choose to cook with coconut oil and bake with almond flour, put butter in my coffee. Meh, sounds good! It really isn’t all that bad but takes some motivation to prep and experiment with food. Do you have that motivation? What motivates you? Is it weight-loss or just generally feeling healthy and good? Next blog, I will discuss the break down of what keto really is and why is there negative talk about it.

God Bless Friends!

A. Lobanovskiy

1 Corinthians 6:19

Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own.

Let’s take care of the temple of God.

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What’s your motivation?

Good evening,

How was your Monday? Today was a long day of work. It really felt like a Monday. (Yawn) I assist in surgeries and had three surgery cases today and all my patients needed some hand holding. What I mean is, mental hand holding, not physical. With the type of surgery that we do, our patients are awake. Although I mentally wasn’t prepared to have my Monday start off this way, it did. So mentally I adapted. I have a very strong type A personality and most of the time this is a good thing! But at times it is harder for me to humble myself, adapt and be happy about it. What happens when you don’t get what you want? We whine like kids! The reason for this post is to get you to think and reflect about how your day went? How did you respond to that annoying co-worker? How did you treat others around? What’s on your mind throughout the day? I’ve learned a lot about the power of thinking positive. And that’s what I did today. I treated everyone with love and compassion. I treated them as I would want to be treated. I walk and talk LOVE, most of the time. Reflect daily, set goals and accomplish them. It’s an amazing feeling. God has a plan for my life and a purpose as well as he does for you. Oh and by the way, I’m in Bible College and have it all week after work. I want to share this with you, because I have a goal and this drives my motivation to accomplish anything I have my mind set to!

Be blessed friends,

A. Lobanovskiy